BWP CO-OP: Our Story

BWP - Black Women Professional Co-op is a federally registered cooperative based in Ontario, Canada.

We are a black women-owned network of entrepreneurs & professionals building a Sustainable Ecosystem of Resilient, Healthy & Thriving Communities, focused on Women's Economic Freedom, Socio-cultural Agency and Intergenerational Legacy.

BWP Co-op empowers women in the agro-chain and food sector to start and operationalize their businesses, and scale up products and services to mainstream local retail channels and international markets. BWP Co-op also provides access to professional mentorship, coaching and business training, networking opportunities, tools and resources. We are a bridge between women in the cooperative ecosystem, from the global North and South.

BWP Co-op provides a safe space for all members to collaborate & co-create with one another via a Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA+), investment club, peer-to-peer lending and support. We invest in & scale up businesses, empowering our members to create inter-generational wealth, contribute to their communities, and build meaningful legacies.

Our Vision, Mission, Values, & Goals.

BWP Co-op is actively committed to, and guided by its Vision, Mission, Goals, and the ethos of Social Justice, Sisterhood Solidarity, Shared Prosperity and Cooperative Economics.

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The Cooperative Identity – Values and Principles of the Cooperative Movement.

Cooperative Enterprises have been building local economies and improving lives and livelihoods for hundreds of years. BWP Co-op is guided by the Cooperative Values, the 7 Cooperative Principles, and the 10 Mondragon Principles.

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Our Board of Directors

BWPW Co-op Board of Directors and Founding Members have several decades of combined professional work experience, with an extensive depth and breadth of educational backgrounds spanning multi-disciplinary fields, sectors and countries.

These include: Banking & Finance, Business Analysis and ICT, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Studies, Education and Training, Food Management, Wealth Management & Insurance Advisory, Community and International Development, Business Administration, Medical and Health Services, Research & Academia, and Social Justice Advocacy.

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